Training Future Leaders

Khedmat Learning Institute recruits and trains disadvantaged youth from Afghanistan’s most deprived provinces to become future leaders. The institute offers intensive courses in Sciences, English Language and computer as well as leadership training for grades 10 and 11 students. 


Founded by Dr. Timor Sharan, Khedmat’s education model is unique. In the first week, students receive training to develop their intellectual and critical thinking skills necessary to learn the fundamentals of their subject studies. Students then take intensive classes in Sciences, English Language, Computer and Literature. These classes will prepare them for grade 12 university entry exams. Students also undertake training for effective leadership skills in areas of team building, strategic planning, decision making, communication (e.g., non-violence communication) and public speaking. The training is conducted in the form of team building, role pays, games and activities, and exercises. Every week, the Institute invites prominent public leaders to give motivational speeches and share their experiences with the students. All students are required to follow the strict daily timetable given by the Institute, which starts at 6:30 a.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m. in the evening.  At the end of their program, student must return to their provinces to train their peers and become advocates/champions of change in their community.


The students are selected through a competitive process. Students have to take the entry exam which is comprised of 40 questions (20 logics questions and 20 science questions).  Those with the highest score will then participate in one-to-one interview process. 

The majority of Khedmat’s staff are volunteers and the Institute works in partnership with education institutions that provide free of charge services, which helps promote the culture of volunteerism and philanthropy in Afghanistan. In 2015, the Glory High School and Star Education became key partners of Khedmat by providing classes in Sciences and English language subjects.

 Khedmat plans to bring 30 students each year for duration of 3 months and offer up to 10 scholarships to existing students of Khedmat to stay in Kabul to continue with their year 11 and Year 12 studies.  Khedmat needs assistance with accommodation, food expenses, computer facilities, internet, and complementary classes including English, Dari, Pashto languages, and computer and university exam preparations