People are surprised to hear that there are schools in Afghanistan offering progressive education with emphasis on critical thinking. The Marefat School in Kabul, Afghanistan, is one of these unique institutions; it has prepared dozens of students from poor backgrounds for some of the finest colleges and universities in the world, and its students routinely score the highest in the country on college entrance exams. The school has managed to achieve this while keeping costs relatively low. A donation of $355 covers a student’s entire year’s tuition, as well as supplies, including transportation, stationary, and uniform.

2016 Academic Year:

The Bamyan Foundation provided 24 merit and financial need based scholarships, 10 full and 14 partial scholarships, to students at Marefat High School. Among the recipients were 20 girls and 4 boys. 

2017 Academic Year:

We congratulate our students who graduated in 2016 and wish them the best with their higher education pursuits!  The Foundation provided 28 merit and financial need based scholarships, 7 full and 21 partial, to eligible students at Marefat High School.  Among the recipients were 13 girls and 15 boys.  We will include their biographies under 'Our Students" page soon. 

2018 Academic Year:

We have began our fundraising campaign for 2018 academic year.  Our goal is to raise $20,000 by February 28, 2018 to offer full and partial scholarships to students in our partner schools, Marefat, Baba and ROYA.