All photography provided by Najibullah Musafer

Terms and conditions

Bamyan Foundation maintains "variance power" over funds donated to us in support of the programs operated by our partner organizations. Under the terms of our agreement with each partner organization, Bamyan Foundation retains full discretion and control over the use of such funds to accomplish the charitable purposes of the approved programs of the partner organization. This power includes the unilateral right to redirect funds to a different organization that can accomplish the charitable purposes of Bamyan Foundation, if for some reason the partner organization cannot; in the case of tuition sponsorship programs, this power also includes the unilateral right to request that the relevant partner organization redirect funds to a different student if a student originally selected for sponsorship becomes ineligible or unable to participate in the sponsorship program. 

While Bamyan Foundation takes steps to monitor the purposes for which our partner organizations use donated funds, Bamyan Foundation makes no representation, warranty or guarantee concerning the use of funds granted by Bamyan Foundation to partner organizations including that the partner organizations will use the funds in the contemplated manner or that any charitable objective will be accomplished. Bamyan Foundation expressly disclaims any liability arising from the disbursement of funds to partner organizations.